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SPOILER!!: Ursula! <3
Originally Posted by Ginevra View Post

"It is nice to meet you, Anita. My name's Ursula Agan. It is boiling in here! I am so glad I wore my crop top underneath this shirt. Just give me a moment," Ursula replied as she removed her outer shirt to reveal a modest crop top but also her serpent tattoo on her left ribcage.

"I think anything would look amazing on you, babe. It is also your choice."


Like the sea witch in The Little Mermaid? Nah. That Ursula was horrible and wicked. Not to mention totally ugly. This Ursula was nice and friendly. And a total babe. "It's definitely a pleasure to meet you, Ursula.'' What? It was hot? Well, yes, Annie had figured that out but it wasn’t hot in terms of the weather. Whatever. It worked to get the shirt off which meant she could get to see the tattoo.

Annie let out a soft squeal of excitement when she saw the tattoo. “Wow! That’s pretty. Did you get it here in Diagon Alley? I believe there’s a tattoo parlour here.’’ She had never been there as there had never been a reason to. You see, she had no tattoo of her own. The most she had gotten were henna tattoos done for the Indian functions or festivals she and her family celebrated.

Babe... she had been called babe. “I’ll listen to whatever you say, dollface. Any suggestions on colour? Purple? Green?’’
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