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Originally Posted by sweetpinkpixie View Post
He could see why January was so keen on this young man and he felt his own chest puff out a bit with pride at the priorities Zander was seeming to take with the progress of the daycare. "I look forward to hearing about these plans some day," he nodded with a smile.

He really did not have too much more to say on this subject, other than offer some encouragement in his attempts. "My daughter was similar," he chuckled, recalling the pep talks he had given Lewis as early as their wedding day. "She wanted to have a proper career and foundation therein before starting a family. Would be a waste of perfectly good genes not to pass those along to the next generation, however."

Let today be a lesson to one Zander Adair that asking the Minister about his family was, well, perhaps not the most efficient means of holding a conversation with him?

The man rambled on for a bit more, somewhere close to five minutes, and somewhere around the three minute mark finally put together that wibbly games was meant to be video games and his son was a professional game tester and programmer in the muggle world. Which meant Charles had a bit of a soft spot for the Muggle Technology Centre. And a bit of a longing to reconnect with Takeshi, but that was a conversation for hot tea AND crumpets. "Oh yes, very proud. Very proud indeed," he assured the young man with a hearty pat on the back. "And some day, hopefully soon, you will know this pride as well."
"Look forward to sharing them with you some day, Sir," he nodded. It felt like the right thing to say... And Zander did actually mean it. Though, hopefully they next time they spoke Zander wouldn't feel as awkward. But perhaps that was wishful thinking.

The blonde laughed at the Minister's next words. His apparent frustration with his daughter's mentality was quite amusing. "Soph too," he smiled. And while Zander wanted kids more than just about anything at the moment, he wasn't angry or upset with Soph about the whole thing. Sure it'd be AMAZING to have children, but if she didn't feel comfortable at the current moment then... he got it y'know? It's not like he'd be the one carrying them around for nine months (he'd offer to do it if he could though).

Zander was mildly absent during the tour of the Minister's family history, but made sure to nod and react at all the appropriate moments. It's not like he hated the whole thing. It was kind of cute, the way he was so proud. Still uncomfortable and very awkward. But endearing. And a heck of a lot better than having to be the one to do the talking, that's for sure. "Hope so, Mr. Hollingberry!" He grinned, half because he agreed with the sentiment, but mostly because this ordeal was now over.

"I should probably get going, wouldn't want to keep you any longer... Thanks for the tour, Sir!" The Minister was probably SUPER busy. And Zander didn't really have much else to say so if that was all... He'd... Just... Y'know... BYE!

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