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Originally Posted by Harron Peasley View Post
"Oh, yeah, course," Albert managed, feeling a bit stupid that he hadn't reached the logical conclusion himself. That could, of course, be put down to him having lots on his mind, but in reality was just the fact that he wasn't the most intelligent or observant person ever. "What're you studying?"

Again, he felt that was something he should have remembered, but he hoped Nora would forgive him. He did offer her an apologetic look.

Albert felt he should have expected such a reaction, but he still found himself shuffling his feet awkwardly, looking between Nora and the baby. "Yeah it was... Uh, a shock... We.... We didn't know she was pregnant until..." he trailed off, not wanting to go into too much detail of the scene on the bathroom floor. Or any detail, really.
Nora wasn't bothered about the fact that Albert didn't remember what she was studying. Honestly, she wasn't even sure if she had told him before. And even if she had, it wasn't a big deal. "Advanced Potions." It had sounded like a useful thing to study, especially considering the fact that she didn't really know what to do with her life yet, aside from playing volleyball.

So this was as good a field of study as any.

Enough about her academic career though, Alby had a BABY. A baby. "You-" Words, she should learn to use them. Instead she stared at her friend and his BABY for what felt like five minutes, however. A baby. His baby. "......congratulations." Nora finally said, finding her voice again. She stepped a little closer to the pram and looked inside properly.

"Hi.....Reuben." Albert Darcy's BABY.
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