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SPOILER!!: Toddles and V
Originally Posted by Toddles View Post
A cruppie! No no. Toddles needs a smaller friendsies. Cruppies were too big and could not fit in Toddles' handsies. Maybe Toddles should be looking at ratsies? NO NO! What were those? They looked so round scrub brushes but softer! Nice and small too! Fit very nicely in Toddles' handsies and pocketsies for safe keepsies! Nimma wouldn't feel cross with Toddles if she couldn't see! If Nimma no see, Nimma no feel sad for any messes made! Toddles was so thoughtful, he was!

Eyes twinkling like the shinies in the big hourglasses back in the castle, Toddles pulled the strings loose on the coin purse and peered inside with one of his big eyes like he did the telescopes he was meant to be cleaning but rarely every finished.

"Oooooh boiled sweet potatosies! Toddles no good at counting moneies!"

Wallowing with droopy ears, Toddles gave a loud sniffle and looked around.

"Oh Oh! Mistress studentsies! Tell Toddles what this is?" he pleaded while holding up a small fist full of shiny bronze coins. "Enough for Toddles to buy the fluffy soft scrub brushsies?"
Originally Posted by LilFox06 View Post
Valencia followed the gaze of the other girl to... a house elf. Her mother had always warned her about the house elves. She always said they were up to something.

Valencia, however, was just staring rather impolitely at the large set of eyes. They were so big. Valencia was sure her mother had what psychologists called "cute aggression" where she'd just want to hold and squeeze and love cute things. It was in this moment, looking at those large set of eyes and just wanting to give them a squeeze, that the young girl wondered if the trait was genetic.

But instead of offering to squeeze the small creature, she just tilted her head. "I'm not sure it's for sale."

This later seemed to be proven true when the house elf asked for some help counting money.

"Oh! I can help!" she said rushing forward. "I'm good at counting and money."
"I sure hope not." was her response to the other girl's statement of the house elf not being for sale.

Actually Harri fairly liked house elves. Her family didn't own one but her brother, Owen, often told her of his great kitchen adventures at Hogwarts with the help of the house elves so she was a bit biased. Plus, this one was weirdly cute. Wait, what was its name? "You're called Toddles?"

And apparently Toddles needed help with counting his money. Ooooh, a shopping house elf. How interesting. "I'll help too!" Not that she was any good at counting but the other girl looked smart enough for the both of them.

But before anything else, "Um, dumb question...what are fluffy soft scrub brushsies?" Blink.

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