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Curtis was proud. Mostly. He had been looking forward to this day FOREVER. Papa Javy and Daddy Piersie were outside waiting on him to get his wand. His first wand. Wow. There was a special gleam in his blue eyes as he eyed the interior. He remembered hearing something about how the wand making the real choice at his Primary school. So why was he mostly proud? Well, he knew as soon as he gets the wand he would have to use it only for school which didn't officially start for a while. Hmph. But he wasn't going to pout now, he would prove how good he was. Right here. Right now.. or at least before he left the shop.

So he went to get himself fitted. The measuring tape flew around him and over him, he laughed at the sight. It was pretty cool, despite him being a bit ticklish. But just as soon as the measuring started it was over.

Okay, now the next part.

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