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The uncertainty of everything magical had given Odaline nightmares since the day she found out about it and this had been the worst one. The mere thought of getting a wand had knocked her for six when her mother told her about it and she had pleaded for the outing to just be Mother and her for less embarrassment. She had gotten her way after hours of pleading and presenting all the reasons she needed her wand allocation to be perfect and that embarrassment would not give her a perfect score in her wand assessment.

Because everything was a test and Mother had told her no different.

So the shock of having this tape swish and curl around her was incredibly high. So much so, that Odaline spent a minute or two bashing it away with her hands and went so far as to spit at it. Which was when Mother stepped in and whispered into her ear that she was causing a scene and needed to control her behaviour instantly. The few words changed the way the eleven year old stood, her back straightened and her head bowed to look at the floor and she let the tape do what it needed to.
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