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Kaiser had no reason to be in here, not really. Actually, he had no reason to be anywhere near Diagon Alley today, and yet here he was, his restlessness having brought him impulsively down south. A couple of weeks almost solely in the presence of muggles had been enough for him to start craving wizarding company once again.

Of course, once he had arrived in Diagon Alley, Kaiser hadn't really known his next step. He hadn't written to any friends asking them to meet up - it had really had been a very spur of the moment kind of thing - and had been thinking mostly about just being in the presence of magic more than any specific people. Next time, he decided, he would think ahead, and see about meeting up with Kodee or something.

Having decided to just wander around and see if he bumped into anyone, Kaiser had been browsing in the shops for the last half an hour or so. He didn't have so much as a knut on him - only muggle money he had recently managed to... acquire - but that didn't mean he couldn't look. So that was exactly what he did, and what led to him milling around the 'Timepieces' section of the shop, eyeing the customisable clocks with an altogether unreadable expression on his face.
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