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Originally Posted by Daemon View Post
It had been... a very slow day. In all the excitement of her first few weeks, she'd forgotten that office work could be very very dull when everything went smoothly. Of course, she refused to start hoping things would go south because that's the direct opposite of her job and obviously she wants things to go well but...... wow. The boredom.

She'd never been bored when she modeled. Even during the downtimes. There was was always something.

And so, strolling out earlier than she normally would - there was nothing to do - she walked slowly across the atrium and frowned at the sight before her. Danishes were so unhealthy. Where was the healthy snack bar? The tea shop? The freshly cut fruits and vegetables stall? What?! GASP. They will all DIE EARLY and have INDIGESTION if they kept this up!
Theophilus was HUNGRAY. (As always)

His stomach had been rumbling at his desk when he was signing off on some paperwork and all he had been able to think of was a good old perfect pastry. Of the Danish variety and boy did he know the BEST place.

And he didn't even need to leave the building!!

So here was was, stocking the basket he had brought with him from his desk with TWELVE pastries to get him through the next few hours of hard slogging work before he hit the town for dinner with some friends. "Gotta get the good ones. Gotta get the beauuutiful ones. The yummy ones. The SCRUMMY ones. The yum yum scrum diddly UMMMtious ones." Yes... he was singing to food.

This was normal.

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