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It had been sheer curiousity that made Dorian step foot inside the store. As someone from a poor family, the Ravenclaw usually pretended to have more than enough money and he had been far too embarrassed to even be seen near a discount shop. But for some reason he wanted to know what it looked like from the inside and he had come to realise last year that he didn't care what people thought of him anymore...

Opening the door, he wasn't surprised by the sight of the shop. The maze with numerous bins and whatnot was something he had expected. Closing the door behind him, Dorian looked around, not knowing where to start. Deciding on the clothing section, the fifth year turned to check it out. Maybe he could find a decent belt? Cause he really needed one. He was NOT going to buy a cloak though or anything else big and noticable. He'd be laughed at for months.

...apparently he did care what others thought of him.
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