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Originally Posted by Lissy Longbottom View Post

Scribbulus was one of the more boring stops Nettie had on her trip to Diagon Alley today. So, naturally, she went there first. Get the BORING shops out of the way, and then it was time for FUN stuff. And ICE CREAM! Smiling happily to herself as she walked in, thinking of the lemon sherbet she'd be ordering lately, she began to look through the shelves, looking for some basic quills. She didn't need anything flashy. Just anything that got the job done.

Not looking where she was going, she turned a corner too sharp and accidentally waked RIGHT in to someone who was just standing there. "Oh, sorry!" she exclaimed, and then she realized it was that little irritating boy from last term. What had his name been again? Oh yeah, Józef. "Oh, it's you," she muttered quietly, wrinkling her nose a bit.
Ray looked up as a young lady walked in, and over to the young gentleman in the store. Not wishing to disturb what he assumed would be a lively talk about their summer, he merely offered a nod. He was behind the counter if any assistance was required.

Originally Posted by Algamus View Post
Was there ANOTHER house elf? Another elf before Algamus? He peered around too seeing only a young mister and mistress, and then blinked owlishly right back at the shopkeeper.

"Algamus is not being a sir, sir!" Elfs were not sirs, elfs were elfs! Algamus unfurled his list and spread it on the counter with a rather dramatic swish, standing up as high on his toes as he could so that his nose peeked over the edge of it. "Algamus is being from Hogwarts, sir, Algamus is buying important things for the headmaster, sir!"
Ray blinked back at the elf, not knowing how to react. "Algamus then," he said with a nod. He understood the importance of Algamus' task. For one, he was an elf. Second, there was a list of things he needed to purchase for the Headmaster. "Riiiight, right, yes. Well you've come to the right shop." Ray looked down to the list, reading it. Yes. yes. "What should we start with first?"
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