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Originally Posted by DaniDiNardo View Post
Did he mention shopping sucked? Not enough, clearly.

Kai was in the middle of stalking familiarizing himself with more of his potential charges when he nearly ran right into another man. Oh. Close one. "They get smaller every year, don't they?" He asked, his tone casual as he watched a pair zip by them. "First Years. Circe, even then I hated being dragged to this place." Not because he didn't like the fun shops, but because he knew when his mother took him here, it was more likely she had a ton of things to get done and he'd have rather liked being left at home. How much trouble could he and his brother REALLY have gotten into?
Joshua was walking along on his own thoughts of juicey cold and delicious icecream not really paying attention to where he was going, when a man nearly ran straight into him, causing him to come to an abrupt stop. Blinking and blinking again he took in the appearance of the other man and the pair of youngsters that zipped by them before Joshua graced the man with a response. ”Yes, they seem smaller or at least shorter by the year but I doubt those kids are Hogwart’s ready just yet. Probably just 9 year olds here with their elder siblings.”

"I didn’t hate this place back in the day per say just the clothes shopping. That was always horrible. I wanted to wear my own clothes, not be stuck in a synthetic uniform like everyone else. I drove my mother mad every year when we had to get new clothes for school." Ugh, he still had scars from that time. Now though Joshua was adult enough to understand the usefulness of uniforms unlike the kid in him had.
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