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Charles could not even BEGIN to express how eager he was to see his boy. Had the official summons been a bit much? Perhaps, though he did have some urgent matters to speak with him about now that he was taking up a very important role in the shaping the young minds and lives that would go on to be the future of the wizarding world. The Minister was grateful that his grandson was also so pragmatic when discussing how his second year at Hogwarts had been, it kept the man from exploding in various colorful emotional outbursts.

Naturally, Charles approved of his appointment as Headmaster at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, even writing to his son who had now taken over the post of Defense Against the Dark Arts and Headmaster over at Himitsumaou. Such a delight, seeing the evolution of their relationship - his son and his pseudo son. He could still VIVIDLY recall Ryunosuke telling him about helping a first year he had found cornered by a boggart turned into a giant spider. One of his first proper performances of practical magic outside of a classroom setting, it had stuck with Ryunosuke even to this day - and earned the man who had now knocked on Charles' door QUITE the affectionate nickname.

One that he PROUDLY proclaimed as he appeared from one of the many possible entrances by means of sliding bookcase. "TRENTULA!" Arms extended out to either side, Charles swiftly approached and placed his hands firmly on the other man's shoulders and the bookcase slid back into place with a click. "Absolutely DELIGHTFUL to see you! My my...I can remember when you were no taller than a gnome! NOW look at you! Back to Hogwarts and as its Headmaster! Come come. Have a seat and I will fetch us a spot of tea. Or do you prefer coffee these days?"

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