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Originally Posted by siriusblackliveson View Post
Patrick walked into the shop. He needed a break from the sun, and needed a break from hearing his mom complain about her students. If it wasn't about how bad they wrote it was about how some of them were wizard students in for amusement. She was really disliking being well known because of her latest paper. He glanced around noticing a girl that he couldn't place and sat in the back of the room.

He glanced up at the menu hoping that he could make a decision. Everything sounded good. He just wanted to get something to drink, maybe a snack, and read his book that he had picked up and been reading with his teammates when they weren't on the field. He was ready to get back next weekend and see his teammates again they had been winning here lately.

He decided he'd get a sandwhich and some water if he could so that way he wouldn't have to bother with being up all night like his mom hated. It happened when he would drink too much coke in the evenings while watching a movie or playing video games with his friends. His grandparents didn't mind. Said it built character, his parents thought it was creating bad habits. He leaned back and opened the book to where he left off.
Originally Posted by Ginevra View Post
Daisy was in the mood for a good cup of coffee and this place was calling out her name. She ordered herself a cappuccino and then looked around for a place to sit. She spotted Patrick casually reading a book so she decided to head to where he was sitting.

"Hey, Patrick. May I sit with you?" Daisy asked. She wasn't going to do such a thing unless she was allowed to.

If Maeve was being honest, she was actually just looking for the COOLEST new hang. Cause she was fifteen now. Well, she's been fifteen for like 6 months, but it was SUMMERTIME and that meant no early morning STUPID S.O.R.E. It meant watching Emma and Anna in the Under Seventeen be awesomely athletic strut their flying skills. It meant sunshine. No uniforms. No studying. No thinking about OWLs. Spending time getting to know her super cool aunt. Egypt for two weeks!!!

Speaking of hang. Where would a hang be without her friends? Her peeps? Anahera? Or Emma or Anna or Chase? Or Kamryn? Ah, scratch that last one, since Kamryn had to go and get a boyfriend, Maeve felt like she rarely saw the Hufflepuff.

"Patrick!!!" She grinned finally seeing someone she recognized. Oh. Wait, there was Daisy joining him. Huh. They weren't a thing, were they??? She was a fifth year - she was supposed to be up on all the latest GOSS - but apparently it changed daily! How was a girl to keep up?? Eh, she'd just play it cool. Or try, which usually ended up being awkward. Something she bonded over with Chase, come to think of it. "Hey, Daisy! Mind if I join you two?" She had like two knuts on her and didn't get anything for fear of not having enough money, but she wasn't that hungry anyway. She was just after the GOSS of the day!!! Maybe she'd have to talk with Zoryn for some advice ....
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