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Originally Posted by Harron Peasley View Post
Hugging Nora back quickly, it was in this moment that Reuben began to cry and Albert's attention was pulled back to the pram. Putting the dummy back into the babe's mouth seemed to calm him, though, and so he sighed in relief as he turned back to his former classmate. "What brings you here?" he couldn't help but ask, nosy as he ever had been.

As for the child... Well, he turned a cursory gaze back to his grabbing hands and offered him a finger, to which he clung enthusiastically. "Oh, uh, this is Reuben.... He's my... uh, my son."

Was she going to laugh now? Because the idea of Albert Darcy with a child was laughable.
Oh no!

Nora gave the crying baby a sympathetic look even though it probably couldn't even see her. She didn't have a whole lot of experience with babies but liked them as much as the next person. "I had to hand in an assignment." She said in reply, smiling a little as she watched Alby take care of the baby. Which was NOT something she had expected to see in the near future.

Even though it probably-


She'd stepped a little closer to the two of them but froze when she heard what Albert said next. "You- he- what?" Nora Cresswell was seldom at a loss of words but this right now was definitely one of those times.
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