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Originally Posted by Tazzie View Post
Owls were undeniably the most common pet for Hogwarts but Harri was simply not feeling them so here she was, after very minimal prodding from her brother (who let her go in first because he was catching up with a classmate from Hogwarts), looking to see if something like a toad or pygmy puff might interest her since she wanted a pet that she could more or less keep in her pocket.

Cats were also out of the question because she was allergic to them. SAD.

The eleven-year old with a head of messy dark blonde hair stepped into the menagerie right towards one of the creature-themed rooms (Reptiles and Amphibians), mouth hanging open slightly at how elaborate it looked. It was a zoo! She was in a zoo!

And she can bring home one of the creatures from there. It was so exciting! Turning her head left and right, she surveyed the area for someone to get excited with and maybe provide some useful input on what pet she should get.
Valencia was of course getting a new pet. It was a must. If her mother had her way, she'd be shipped off to Hogwarts with 192 pets in tow. (No exaggeration.)

She wandered around the aisles trying to decide if she wanted one of these or if she wanted an owl. Through her wanderings, she spotted a girl about her age.

"See anything interesting?" She was in the mood for interesting. It was a bit of an inherited trade.
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