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Shoppingsies. Shoppingsies. Shoppingsies.

Toddles would do his very best not to let Mister Master Headmaster down with this very very very important duty.

Only Toddles had already misplaced his shopping list while chasing after a leaf that looked remarkably like a blast-ended skrewt. If Mister Master Headmaster asked, Toddles would reply that it was the windsies fault! Too strong for Toddles fingers, it was.

Blast-ended skrewts on the mind, Toddles scampered into Magical Menagerie and his already enormous eyes grew five more times their size.

Toddles want! Toddles want!

Not knowing where to even begin (though those colored pegs behind the counter were calling his name), Toddles scuttled and darted this way and that. Maybe Toddles could use Mister Master Headmaster's sack of wizarding moneies to buy Toddles a ferret? They ran around just like he did!

Too excited, Toddles was, to notice other studensies right now.
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