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Patrick walked into one of his favorite places to be. He loved books, needed his course books for his.... holy merlin, his fifth term at Hogwarts. He would need to ensure that he had each book so he could pass his OWLS this year. He did not want to have to take them a second time. His mama would murder him. His dad, he might just laugh. Deciding he would rather go look at books for fun than his course books.

Heading back to the shelves where he could look at some of his more fun reading books he let himself relax. He was one of the most unconventional Slytherin's ever. He kept hearing that from all of his friends and knew they weren't wrong. He liked to read, he was very humble. but he was always prepared to stick to his guns and help his friends. He liked when he was in the books because it was where he wasn't worried about making decisions or succeeding all he had to do was take the information in. He was happy as a clam.
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