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Originally Posted by RachieRu View Post
Summer. The season was for sure one of Liliane's favourite. Ice cream, hot weather, and U17 quidditch. There was literally nothing that could be better than the summer. It made the last year so worth it. It had been hard, and emotional, but she's survived. And she knew that she was in a much better place than she had been this time last year and she was just looking forward to spending some time with her friends. Since she had been home schooled over the last year she hadn't really seen much of her friends, so she knew it was going to be a great summer.

The first person that she had planned to meet up with was Derf, and Lili was super excited to see him. They'd had some kind of letter contact over the last year, but she couldn't wait to actually see him properly. Lili had collected her ice cream, and was currently sat waiting for him. Soo excited!
Summer had not come soon enough for Derf. The term had been taxing on him in ways he hadn't thought possible and it felt good to be out of the castle and just somewhere where he could BREATHE. Much weighed heavily on his mind - his bowtruckle family, Petrov, polyjuice ethics, feelings of betrayal by professor who were now back to educate him - but he was trying to train his mind to think about summer and the reset he greatly needed. Not to mention the tattoos that he had earned himself last summer...and he was looking to add upon this summer. The sun on his shoulder in particular serving as important reminders.

Resets that included seeing friends and just, well, being a teenager for once without feeling like someone was breathing down your neck waiting for you to slip up. So he had been more than delighted to hear from Liliane and even more so that their U-17 schedules allowed them to meet somewhere that wasn't on the pitch.

His final summer as a beater for Wales...that thought hadn't entirely sunk in yet either.

Spotting her easily, Derf waved with a grin as he approached. "Long time no see," he smiled, taking her appearance in. "You look...really good, Liliane." He was very pleased to see. A year away from Hogwarts and everything and really done her well.

Now she needed to stand so he could give her a hug. A good and proper one.

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