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She would have been lying if she said said the news of Uncle Ryu going back to Japan hadn't gutted her. He had been there for her through so much, and with Nicolas it was increasingly more difficult to travel halfway round the world for a visit. But in time it would be easier, she knew. Hitching the toddler a little higher on her hip the blonde woman paused to glance around for him, eyes not catching his face just yet. "Nicky, love, we have to wait patiently for Uncle Ryu to get here, okay. Mummy has some yummy snacks for you to munch on," she said in hopes that the toddler would be pacified with this until the man arrived.


Finding an empty table Dora slipped into a seat and held Nicolas on her lap, bouncing him slightly as the little man asked about Dada. "We will see Dada when we get home, little luv. Right now we wait for Uncle Ryu! Yeah! You are excited to see him, aren't you?!" Perhaps she could engage him in conversation as a means of distraction from whatever terrible two sized tantrum he was bound to throw. LOLOLOL Toddlers were so fun!
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