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SPOILER!!: Phillip
Originally Posted by DanialRadFAN01 View Post
MER-CY, was Phillip a nervous-nelly!

He'd spent a tedious amount of time that morning filling out his new job application and could not stare out of the window ANY longer once Periwinkle, his owl, had disappeared behind the clouds on his way to the Ministry. Donning a magenta cloak over his dark plum robes, the salt-and-peppered sixty-two year-old, Phillip Flutterby found himself in the Leaky Cauldron with a a glass of firewater clinking against the multiple rings stacked on his small grasp He'd found a spot by the fireplace despite the springtime warmth outside mostly because he found the chairs more comfortable on a tired hind-end.

He took a second huge gulp and looked in to the flames as he tried to think of anything else to take his mind off of the Ministry official deciding OBVIOUSLY to not hire an old queen for their position in Games and Sports.

A shape came between his gaze and the fire dancing in the grate and he allowed his eyes to focus on the figure. It seemed to be the woman who worked there. She was stacking newspapers and some magazines and looked to be taking a quick break.

Distraction if he ever saw one. "Sweetheart, is can I knick one of those Daily Prophets from you?"

Lucy almost didn't realize the gentleman was speaking to her. It had been quite some time since she had been called sweetheart. Smiling, she looked over at the man sitting near to where she was standing. "Of course." Her fingers flipped through the stack and she pulled out the duplicates before handing over the Daily Prophets.

Noticing his glass, she inquired "May I refresh your drink?" She'd be happy to run over to the bar for him.
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