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Originally Posted by GD2204 View Post
Tucking some her blonde curls behind her ear now, she couldn’t help but raise one of her eyebrows slightly at the man sitting next to her. She was perfectly aware of her surroundings, thank you very much. With a small ‘hmph’ sound, she crossed her arms and stared at the man pointedly for a second before finally answering him. “I WAS lost in my book, you see” she explained, her hands becoming slightly animated now despite her attempt to keep them locked away.

Waving away his apology now, she hesitated for a second before picking up the book, a hint of a smile playing on her lips “It’s been really interesting so far! It’s buy a French muggle author in the mid 1800’s although there have been several movies based on it”. Rather reluctantly, a wide smile appeared now as it always did when she talked about something she loved. She held out the book for him now to have a look, should he wish to, an encouraging smile resting on her face.
Trying his best to not let out a laugh and succeeding in doing so by discreetly biting his lip as the blonde let out a hmph sound. He then held his hands up in mock defense. "Alright, alright" geez, did she get worked up at everything or something. He had only tried to help. Then again, his way of helping had always been out of the box... but he was never the most social person. And his job did not help making him good with people either. He spend most of his hours of the day stuck in the memories of crime witnesses instead with real people.

That's why he frequently came to the Leaky Cauldron. To have SOME kind of human interaction.

1800's? sounded boring.... But he still took the book from Delyth as she gave it to him to see and he turned it around to read the back. "....I hate admitting this but it actually sounds interesting" he said as he opened the book up and flipped to the last page and then gasped. "Over a thousand pages?!" insane!
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