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On the one hand, the explanation that had come from her boss had relieved Dylan somewhat, but the idea that things could be exploding around her was a little disconcerting. Not to mention that fact it was reminiscent of Hogwarts, and also it made her wonder if she was in fact any safer than Aramis was with his dragons. She almost wanted to ask, yet she wasn’t certain exactly who to ask. Instead, she’d merely nodded at both Adam’s response and the official explanation, figuring it didn’t need any more than that. Except… “I haven’t forgotten the first rule of surviving Hogwarts,” she’d murmured softly.

Besides, things were obviously moving on as they’d been told an employee from Accidents and Catastrophes was going to join them and then said woman actually did. It made her wonder if things here hadn’t been quite as casual as they’d first seemed. Unless he was just working with what he had in front of him, which Dylan was apt to think might actually be the case even if she was tempted to ask Laurel if she’d seen any of this.

Her wand had definitely come out, either way, although she’d sent Megan a welcoming smile as introductions happened and then they’d all been instructed to follow her boss to the Thought Chamber. Onward, it seemed.
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