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Zander nodded to show that he would come forward with any ideas. He did actually have a few, even now, but maybe that was more of a second-meeting-with-the-Minister sort of thing? Didn’t want to overwhelm the man… Or himself, for that matter. But then Mr. Hollingberry slipped in a quip about educational programming and Zander couldn’t resist. “I’ve actually been doing a lot of thinking about the educational curriculum. It’s pretty basic at the moment, but I reckon it’s really got room to grow.” The blonde was actually just about to finish up his degree in early-childhood education, which meant he’d be one step closer to getting a full certification…

Yes. He did. Really. It was about time too, let’s be real. “Thank you, Mr. Hollingberry,” Zander was pretty certain that this wasn’t exactly the right response, but… What else was he meant to say? This was weird. His shoulder was being squeezed and shaken. And Zander was ready to #BYEFELICIA outta here. “She’s a tough one to persuade,” he laughed. Uh. What.

THANKFULLY, the torture was soon over and Zander could really just sit back and pretend as if hearing about his boss’s children was the greatest gift in the entire world. Not that he minded the whole thing, but he was much less invested than he let on. Jk. There would be no sitting back. They were standing now.


This was a mistake.

Before he knew it, the boy was being dragged from one corner of the room to another. Pictures shoved into his face, followed by lengthy explanations and exuberant detail. Zander was only slightly uncomfortable. Again. Wibbly games? Yeah… Zander was muggleborn and even he didn’t know what the Minister was talking about. “Sounds like you’re really proud of them,” he smiled. “Which you should be,” he added as an after thought. (: (: (: What. A. Day.
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