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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Harri Ainsworth
Second Year

Ministry RPG Name:
Owen Montezor
International Cooperation

Ministry RPG Name:
Beatrice Castell
Environmental Protection

Diagon Alley Employee:
Euphy Castell
Daily Prophet
❄Suaviter in modo, fortiter in re❄| ⚕=equivalent exchange=⚕ | pinned ya!

Sit Still, Look Pretty - Daya

Oh, I don't know what you've been told
But this gal right here's gonna rule the world
Yeah, that is where I'm gonna be because I wanna be
No, I don't wanna sit still, look pretty

[ Scarlett, age 5 ]

Scarlett loved playing with everyone around her, except for her next-door neighbor, Darius. He was rude and mean to her, but he was also cute and the young half-Asian girl kinda had a secret crush on him. It was so confusing.

It did not help that at present said boy was pulling on one of her pigtails. “Let go, Darius!”

“I will once you become pretty!”

“Idiot, I am pretty! My mum said so and one day I will become famous and rich and then you will want to marry me!”

Obviously, this girl has her priorities all sorted out.
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