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Zander Adair was most certainly making a fool of himself in front of his new head honcho. Was anyone surprised at all? Probably not, especially not Zander. He was nervous by nature, but new situations with authority figures really got his heartrate going, y’know? And not in the, Sophie-Brown-is-rockin’-my-world type-of-way. This was the unpleasant kind. Fortunately, the longer he sat down, the less anxious he felt. Sort of. But he was definitely way calmer than he was when he had first been escorted over, that’s for sure.

And sometimes, with this blonde, that’s all you can really ask for.

“Thank you, Sir,”
he smiled with a genuine grin as opposed to a nervous one. His former Astronomy Professor had said just about the same sort of thing to him, which is really what inspired the switch all together. And yet again, Zander Adair found himself owing Flamsteed big time. But then again… Reckon that’s what role models are for. Anyways, he continued rolling the sweet in his palm and listened for a bit. The blonde had a tendency to speak more than necessary when his nerves got the best of him, so listening was always a welcomed change. Meant he didn’t have to flounder as much.

At the Minster’s next words, Zander found himself lifting his head up. Really? She does? Despite the fact that he knew he was on good terms with the Under-Secretary... Hearing that she spoke highly of him was still something he didn’t really expect. In fact, he was surprised he was spoken of at all! AND A PROMOTION? Zander’s eyes glistened. Not gonna lie, he was a bit embarrassed by all of this, but of course a promotion would be incredible. Being an assistant was limiting. “Well, I’m just trying to do my best to make sure the kids are taken care of and having a good time. It’s my number one priority,” he rubbed the back of his neck, a nervous habit. "A promotion would be nice, though," he slipped the last bit in there just so the Minister KNEW that he wouldn't say no.... Ahem.

And if he thought the January thing was surprising, this next segue almost knocked him right off his chair. O________O Speaking to his employer about work related topics was one matter, but personal life?!? Uh. “Oh, well, yes,” he nodded. “Pretty recently actually!” It wasn’t exactly a traditional sort of marriage, but they had the certificate and legal status so that’s what mattered.

HA. Remember the part where the marriage segue almost knocked him right off his chair? That was an exaggeration. This children thing ACTUALLY almost knocked him right off his chair. “Uh. You’d have to ask my wife,” he laughed. Zander was only feeling highly uncomfortable discussing this sort of matter with his boss right now. “I’ve been ready… It’s sort of her call at this rate.” She would be the one lugging them around for nine months so. “Do you have children, Mr. Minister?” Because Zander didn’t know how much longer he wanted to center this conversation around himself thanks.

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