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Lifting a hand to attempt to CALM the boy down - it was a wonder he wasn't shaking like a flitterby bush with all those nerves - Charles merely nodded his head at the initial explanation. "I did not ask under the guise to judge you, my boy," he assured him. "Everyone comes to work at the Ministry for their own reasons and likely end up staying for others." There was a bit of a twinkle in his eye as he spoke those last few words. "It is very admirable that rather than suffer through a profession you sought to find yourself a better fit. Shows much about your character."

Of course, the Ministry did its best with the hiring process and the department heads diligent in their interview procedures and job placement...but no one was perfect. There would be hiccups seeing as it was human nature to change.

"January speaks very highly of you," he informed the blonde. Or rather affirmed depending on whether or not he was aware of said praise. "Seems that you, my boy, are on the path towards a promotion." And, well, he just may-so-happen to be graced with the presence of his grandchildren one of these days. The triplets were QUITE the handful.

But the Minister wanted to back up on a point. A VERY important point as far as he was concerned.

"That was a while ago that you first joined us," he nodded, selecting another yogurt covered raisin and popping it into his mouth. "I do hope you have married that girlfriend by now." Because his unsolicited opinion on the matter was vital. "When can we be expecting children?" More pseudo grandchildren for him to pamper, obviously.

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