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Finneas Schmoe

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Nina Castillo
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Yasmin ‘Yassi’ Golshiri

Ministry RPG Name:
Zander Adair
Minister's Office
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Anyways, Zander Adair didn't actually hate their old boss. Was he creepy? Definitely. Unsettling? Absolutely. A little off in the head? Without an ounce of uncertainty. But he was still pretty alright aside from that poisoning the food situation. Zander didn't mind him too much, anyway.

Getting a new, new boss was a REAL intimidating situation though. Which is why Zander Adair decided to give him a warm welcome now before it was too late and he was caught in the middle of doing something embarrassing. Like wearing some ridiculous tie for the kids on National Pancake day or something. You never know. The Ministry Daycare was a wild place when Zander was around.

Anyways, I digress.

The blonde anxiously paced around the office, not exactly sure whether it'd be a good time to come by... But after a few minutes of being a wreckTM, he mustered up the courage and knocked on the office door.
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