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Default Office of the Minister for Magic, Charles Hollingberry

Welcome to the office of Charles Hollingberry, current Minister for Magic and appointed leader of the wizarding government in the United Kingdom. The office is located at the far end of Level One, and it is only accessible through the Senior Undersecretary's Office where guests are all escorted to a gaudy but comfortable waiting room. Help yourself to one, or several, of the individual packets of yogurt covered raisins tied with thin red ribbon found in the bowl on the coffee table. The Minister has been informed of your visit will be with you soon.

Boasting vibrant crimsons and warm gold tones, the office of the Minister for Magic is even more gaudy than the waiting room. The wooden walls are almost entirely covered with bookshelves, framed paintings of landscapes, and portraits of most of the previous Ministers for Magic - who the Minister may consult from time to time. Dark wooden cabinets and tables are adorned with artifacts from around the world and countless framed family photos of his children and grandchildren in various stages of their lives. Chances are you have already seen these on more than one occasion as the Minister also carries copies in his leather wallet sized photo album he keeps in his robes pocket at all times to shamelessly whip out and share should any and all opportunity arise. There is no desk to be seen but rather too luxurious red leather couches in the middle of the room.

So just where does the Minister do all his important work? Tap the right series of book spines along the shelves and you may be able to find out, though highly unlikely. This intricate beat is the sole knowledge of the Minister himself and the Senior Undersecretary. Nothing personal, the simply Minister prefers to keep all visitors away from sensitive documents and his affairs private.

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