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Originally Posted by Sangeetha View Post
Laila waited for her sister to get back from the counter. She didn't want ice cream, but her sister and her new friend wanted some. She played with her hair carelessly as she sat there at the courtyard seating.

Kaira had gotten her ice cream and couldn't wait to get back to get to the courtyard. She and her sister had this thing where they never took a bite of their own food without sharing it with each other, if they were with each other. Mmmm..Nacho cheese and Jalapeno! She waited for her new friend to get his ice cream.
Malachi had finally picked out what ice cream he wanted and looked around curiously. He had never been to a place like this. He looks around and finally spots the person he was looking for, Kaira. He runs up to her, being carful not to drop the ice cream like the cluts he is. He stops beside her before starting to talk suddenly. “Sorry I was so long, there were so many flavors so it was kinda hard to choose.”
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