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Here at the Leaky Cauldron things can get pretty busy, and, for Louisa, this is exactly the case. For this purpose, a few changes have been made and now customers may come to the counter to place their orders, so as to keep the chaos down and keep things less hectic for the busy workers and their customers.

In the center of the room sits the baby of the Leaky Cauldron - baby grand piano that is. It is not unusual to enter the Leaky Cauldron and see costumers playing away at the piano. However, this piano is widely special, even for the Wizarding World. Years ago, Ryoma, former owner Harley's partner, built it by hand and therefore as one plays each key the ivory gives off a little puff of colored smoke that rises up into the air and form shapes that begin to tell a story to the music.

Off to the side of the room, a cozy fireplace and seating area can be found for those looking to relax a bit before heading off to the busy shops of Diagon Alley. At various times throughout the day, Louisa will drop by with a tray of assorted snacks for those sitting by the fireplace to enjoy.

OOC: Please do NOT RP for Louisa. Doing so will cause your post to be edited or deleted depending on the severity. The piano is free for all to use so have fun with that and enjoy yourself. Also, please remember that Louisa does NOT take orders at the tables. You must go the Bar and Service Counter for that.

And a very IMPORTANT warning. Please please PLEASE make sure you have read all SS rules - especially those involving drinking. There will be a zero tolerance policy in regards to this rule.
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