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Just as you enter the shop, in between all the chaos that may or may not have been going on, is a rather open area with a measuring tape that seems to be hovering in mid air. It wiggles and flies around, ready to measure the next customer to walk into it's range. The measuring tape will eagerly measure your height, the reach of your arm, and maybe even other strange measurements to help the wandmakers find the best wand for you.

In front of the counter there is the empty space that is designated as the fitting area. Here is where wands are fitted. After being measured by the magical measuring tape, you will be assisted by a worker who will then endeavor to fit you with your perfect wand and start pulling boxes from the shelves, which stretch back impossibly far and up so high that even the tallest people have to tip their head back to see the tops.

Long sliding ladders are attached to every stretch of shelves, and the wandmakers make great use of these to reach those wands which are tucked away high up. There seems to be a filing system of sorts, some kind of method to the madness, though most of the boxes are unmarked. Is it a colour code? Or is it shape? size? smell? Something else? Well you'll never know unless you get a job here. Luckily, and out of sheer necessity, these shelves have been bespelled so that wandboxes are not in danger of flying everywhere due to errant spells cast by children wielding their new wands.

Text Cut: Wand Fitting Instructions - PLEASE READ FIRST!

⌦ In order to receive a wand, please take the WAND QUIZ ONCE for the character who is here for a wand. Then, post your character being measured by the "magical measuring tape" ONCE in this thread. This thread is not one where you should interact with others, one post here please! It serves as our queue!

See the example post below, or look at other posts in this thread from previous terms.

Text Cut: Example Post
Jessica went into Ollivanders with more than her share of nerves, it was time for her first wand! The eleven year old made her way over to the measuring area and waited for her turn. Soon enough the measuring tape reached her and began zipping about, straightening with a snap and measuring out her height and, when she held her arms out, she watched it take a measurement of how long they were too. Fun! Did that mean her wand would be as big as her whole arm?

The girl stepped away from the measuring area and she eagerly waited for the shopkeeper to find her wand.

⌦ Please take the SORTING QUIZ first and wait to be placed in your house before taking the wand quiz! Your house effects your final wand in our quiz! This goes for current members who are re-sorting too, though you may take the quiz in advance if you know what your new house will be.

⌦ You may role play the magical measuring tape, but you may not role play for the shopkeepers. Ollivander does not work here!

⌦ After submitting the wand quiz and posting in this thread, please wait for a shop worker to assist you and your character in finding their perfect wand match. You must RP to get your wand.

⌦ Please do not stretch the wand fitting experience out too long, it should not take more than three tries at an absolute maximum to find your character's match.

If we run out of time to complete the RP with you by the end of the RP summer, we will PM or VM your wand result to you, provided you have posted in this thread and responded to our efforts to interact with you.

If you have any questions, feel free to PM Tegz and she'll try to answer your questions as quickly and efficiently as she can.

⌦ Have fun!
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