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Default Madam Malkin's Robes for All Occasions

Madam Malkin's the premiere location for quality robes. Although predominately known for providing Hogwarts students with uniforms, Malkin's also provides other robes to the Wizarding World for all functions -- formal and informal. Once in the doors you'll notice all of the racks around the shop, as well as heavy wooden furniture throughout for resting while looking for robes.

The space may look cluttered, but upon further inspection you'll notice that there is an order and flow making it easier to find the items you seek. In the back of the shop you will find dressing rooms to try on your latest find. Along the wall you will find Hogwarts apparel and accessories. Along the opposite wall are dress robes. In the middle sits a heavy wooden counter top, a glass bowl filled with candies sits beside a pad of paper where the shopkeeper will write up your total.

Can't find what you are looking for? Ask the shopkeeper and they'll be more than happy to help you find exactly what you're looking for. Still can't find what you’re looking for? Talk to the shopkeeper and they may be able to figure out how to do a customized order for you. Don't forget your socks.

Text Cut: Inventory

Buy one dress get a second dress free
(Casual wear only)

Robes (black): 5 Galleons, 7 sickles, 24 Knuts
Cloaks (black with silver fastenings): 3 Galleons, 15 Sickles, 9 Knuts
Pointed hats (black): 11 Sickles, 28 Knuts
Scarves (house colors): 1 Galleon, 7 Knuts
Gloves (various colors): 13 Sickles, 8 Knuts
Dragon-Hide Gloves: 1 Galleon, 2 sickles, 26 Knuts
Shirts/Blouses (white): 1 Galleon, 14 Sickles, 24 Knuts
Sweaters/cardigan/vest (grey): 2 Galleons, 5 Sickles, 23 Knuts
Skirts/trouses: 1 Galleon, 14 Sickles, 24 Knuts
Shorts: 1 Galleon, 4 Sickles, 7 Knuts
Ties: 1 Galleon, 2 Sickles
Knee Socks/Stockings (White, Grey, Black): 10 Sickles, 18 Knuts
Ankle Socks (black): 5 Sickles, 9 Knuts
First Year Lot: 30 Galleons, 9 Sickles 23 Knuts
Items in Lot: 2 Robes, Cloak, Pointed Hat, Scarf, Pair of Gloves, Dragon Hide Gloves, 2 Shirts, 2 pairs of pants, 2 Socks of choice, and Choice of 2 items either Cardigan/Vest/Sweater.
Ministry Robes (uniforms): 7 Galleons, 13 Sickles, 18 Knuts
Casual Robes—Cotton, Twill, or Denim: 7 Galleons, 10 Knuts

Silk: 17 Galleons, 16 Sickles
Satin: 14 Galleons, 20 Knuts
Velvet: 12 Galleons, 8 Sickles, 5 Knuts
Chiffon: 10 Galleons, 15 Sickles, 19 Knuts

Gloves (knit, various colors): 13 Sickles, 8 Knuts
Gloves (dressy): 1 Galleon, 4 Sickles, 4 Knuts
Gloves (leather): 1 Galleon, 1 Sickles, 17 Knuts
Scarves (knit): 13 Sickles, 8 Knuts
Scarves (silk): 15 Sickles, 27 Knuts
Hats (knit, various colors): 13 Sickles, 8 Knuts

Dresses: 5 Galleons
Slacks: 3 Galleons 8 Knuts
Dress Shirts: 1 Galleon 24 Knuts

Prices upon request, options include formal gowns, casual wear, and dress robes.

Alterations upon request, including lining changes, sizing, etc
This shop is STAFFED by Victoria Martin (siriusblackliveson).
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