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SPOILER!!: replies!
Originally Posted by WhittyBitty View Post
Oooh, yes. I want some pretty graphics.

♕ What sort of request is this? A set.
♕ How about dimensions? Anything within SS guidelines.
♕ Which pictures do you want in here? Here is her album. The model is Malina Weissman.
♕ Text? "Maddie" on the PP and siggy.
♕ Anything else? You're awesome and I trust you.

I can't wait to work on this!

♕ Let me know when you've picked this up.
♕ Or if you need anything changed.
♕ No hotlinking! Please upload to your own image-hosting account.
♕ No peel-giarism! Always credit either me or the shop.

Photos!: graphics!

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