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Kat did not mind the tone of Olly's voice. After all, their situation at hand was a bit worrying and the blond was focused on making sure the plants calm down enough so they can pull Griffin out of his vine burrito. She sent more stunning spells at the ones crawling their way towards her and Olly.

They could deal with the other damages later. Kat figured their department head slash Minister of Magic would want an explanation for all this.

But when Archer arrived to the scene just in time for the vines to stop squeezing Griffin like he was some sort of lemon, it seemed the right time to try to get him out of there. "Keep them busy," she told both of her colleagues before sending an immobulus towards a growing vine near her and another charm at Griffin to levitate him away from the plant.

This better work. Kat was just making sure she didn't have to get too close to the vines wrapped around her colleague. She didn't trust the plant just yet.
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