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She should have expected this.

Jumping backwards, away from the vines that were coming for her legs, Olly glanced at Griffin again to see if he'd managed to free himself. This wasn't looking too good. They needed reinforcements. This was one of those moments where being able to cast a Patronus would definitely come in handy.


"Immobulus!" Olly yelled, pointing her wand at the nearest vines. She would have to get to the plant itself, the stem to immobilize that directly. Another glance at Griffin had her narrow her eyes though. "Don't CUT them!" Sheesh. It wasn't the plants' fault. "Stun them!" If he could get his wand to cut them, he could just as well cast a stunning or freezing charm on them.

Speaking of which, she cast the latter on another few vines in her vicinity. They would need a more permanent solution here. And quickly.
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