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Olly didn't...particularly mind the fact that Noah was gone. No offense. He was a nice enough person and all but he hadn't really been around a lot. Not that this situation of having the MINISTER run their department was any better. Honestly, if she thought about it too much, she probably would have welcomed Noah back with open arms. What had the Minister been thinking? And what were his plans for the department? Would they be shut down? Because honestly, now was literally the worst time for her to lose her job. Same went for Schuyler.

So hopefully this wouldn't be as bad as she was currently fearing it was.

Trying to keep her cool, Olly went to the greenhouses first, as always. The second right before she opened the door, however, she could already sense that something was off. What the- She stopped dead in her tracks after opening the door, staring inside at what could only be described as utter chaos. What had happened here? What was going on?

Too busy trying to assess the damage, Olly was 100% unaware of the fact that she wasn't alone in the Greenhouse.
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