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4. Blasting Curse

Rachel! Do something!’’

Regina was screaming in her ears, apparently loosing her head completely while some monstrous plant attempted to squeeze her brother to death.

“You’re not helping!’’ Rachel shouted back at her. She calmed herself. She needed to save her father; to save the only man she loved besides Kyle and Garreth. Luckily, she knew what to do.

“CONFRINGO!’’ the young woman bellowed and taking careful aim away from Phil Watson. The plant exploded where the spell hit. “CONFRINGO!’’ The spell was repeated for good measure. It was enough. The plant started to retreat. Phil dropped to the ground, gasping for breath while Regina rushed over.

The culprit vanished then Rachel was able to breather properly. She followed her aunt and threw her arms around her father’s neck.

He was safe.
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