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Default Professor Kaysha Stewart's Office

Thanks to Kita for the pretty banner!

Once invited into Kaysha’s office, you enter to find she had decorated it simply. The walls have been covered in amethyst coloured wall paper, her favourite colour. Over these wall papers, there are many framed photos of persons precious to her. One frame holds a collage of her at various ages, another shows pictures of herself and her father and yet another shows a picture of her beautiful, deceased mother. Most of the photos, however, contain pictures of her previous students from the Muggle Primary and Secondary schools she had taught at as well as from the little volunteer group she had formed so that kids who needed extra help in school could get it.

On one corner, there was a huge, wooden bookshelf laden with an assortment of books for her to read in her leisure time. Would you be interested in borrowing one? You simply need to ask! Just ensure that you return them back in their proper condition. In the opposite corner sat a sort of kitchenette dedicated to store refreshments for her guests. These refreshments were provided by the hard working elves of Hogwarts.

In the middle of the room sat Kaysha’s desk which was always so neatly organised. Across from her desk and chair, sat two comfortable chairs. Choose one and make yourself at home! There is no need to be shy!