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Originally Posted by Kolyander View Post
Thank you so much!
You're most welcome!

Originally Posted by norLYN View Post
♕ What sort of request is this? i want ALL of them haha. Avatar, Siggy and PP

♕ How about dimensions? What size do you want these? No preference, just SS requirement sizes and dimensions.

♕ Which pictures do you want in here? Face Claim is NANA KOMATSU (japanese actress) Here are some of my recommendations for ya : Nana1, Nana2, Nana3, Nana4, Nana5

♕ Text?
Hanako “Hana” Staton
First Year Slytherin

♕ Anything else? I've seen your work and i love 'em already. However if you want to choose more Nana pics on google is it okay if you use pics of her in her short hair. Please and thank you.

Looking forward and super exciiiiited.

Thank you
Sorry about the wait, but I'm pretty happy with how this turned out. Your pickup is below!

Originally Posted by ArianaBlack View Post
i dont actually need anything i just want u to know that i'm stalking
Wow, I love you so much, you dork.

♕ Let me know when you've picked this up.
♕ Or if you need anything changed.
♕ No hotlinking! Please upload to your own image-hosting account.
♕ No peel-giarism! Always credit either me or the shop.

Photos!: graphics!


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