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Originally Posted by FearlessLeader19 View Post
Mamaaaaa! I'm so excited for your shop! Now I definitely have to make a request soon Maybe a Brody one

EDIT: So I'm here with my request! Yes, I was too excited to wait

What do you want? Profile pic, signature, avatar
What are the sizes, you would like? 450x150 for siggie, others are standard size, please.
What images? The ones you use are up to you, mama bear
SPOILER!!: Click!

What text would you like on your graphics, if any? Brody Hawthorne "I wanted to be a Hufflepuff.''
Any colors you want or don't want? Greeeeeen!
Anything else? ILY <3 As if that Twitter wasn't enough to prove it

ILY toooooo!!!

And I have your graphics, my dearrrrr <333


SPOILER!!: More!

Let me know if you need anything changed or anything

Originally Posted by Holmesian Feline View Post
My dear Jess, I have a request for you.

What do you want? Profile Pic
What are the sizes, you would like? Standard
What images?

What text would you like on your graphics, if any?
Benny & Adi Atreyu- Rehman
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Any colors you want or don't want? Blues and oranges are favs but not required

Anything else? Could you possible put a dragon beside Benny(first pic) and a hippogriff next to Adi? (second pic)

Thank you.
WOOT!!! Queued!!! We'll work on this in a bit <3

Psst, queue is open
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