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Well this was going as expected and she knew she would have to do some meeting with owners and coaches before everything was fully done, but for now she felt this was a start. She nodded at them both as they brought some ideas to the table and glanced at the others present to see if they had any input. "I know once I talk to owners there will be some stir about the cap for pay and bonus, but we might have to put a bonus freeze for a year or two." She hated doing it, but it might just have to happen if they didn't get other things in order.

She chuckled as West thought the appointed healer was a good idea, "You would think, but mark my word some will say the ministry is trying to be controlling and appoint healers that will say it's not bad and push the players to work under difficult and stressful times." She had seen it happen before so she knew it was a possibility.

She looked at them both with an amused grin on her face, "If only it was that easy. Now we need to write these all in a document as a proposal, once the proposal is done we can meet with owners and then with the rest of the teams. It will be discussed before the final draft is written up and made into new contracts going forward. For now we continue to collect the rest of the fines from last season, get ourselves ready for trades and retirement. Once I have a meeting scheduled with the owners I will let you know so we can all meet with them."

shuffling her papers into a neater pile she slipped them in her bag getting ready to be done unless they had anything else.
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