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He methodically drummed his pencil on the desk as the meeting went on. His body was too used to movement to sit still throughout a meeting and this one was challenging to say the least. He nodded his head in agreement with Victoria “I also feel raising merchandise prices would be a great place to start. It doesn’t hinder the lower income families from attending matches, and those with the money will still buy it to support their teams.” He was much happier about those costs going up than ticket prices.

“A big yes to a ministry appointed healer. Not only could one be assigned that was unbiased, but it will also make sure owners and managers aren’t pressuring the return of players that really shouldn’t be playing. Plus, keeping players honest in their time off would benefit the teams.” He had seen that far too many times. With an impartial third party making the call, it would be much harder to argue with the diagnosis. “I’m also in agreement with lowering the days from twenty to fifteen.”

West stopped his pencil from thumping on the table to jot some notes. There was still so much to be done and a good number of his fellow employees hadn’t been able to make it to the meeting. “How can I help get these items implemented?” He was still so new to the department that he wasn’t exactly sure what he should be automatically taking care of and which things he might be stepping on toes if he took them over.
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