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Lucas knew exactly how Victoria was feeling, like him, she was hesitant and most likely loathed the climbing prices. Though more expensive merchandise was something he wasn't too hesitant about. "That's one of the options we should go with,'' he said firmly. "Merchandise will continue to sell, believe me. I've seen this during matches overseas.'' Brasil, mainly.

"Appointed Healers make sense.'' The scheduling part didn't bother Lucas and he didn't see the need to put any input through. Not that he had any. He nodded, sweeping the ticket sales topic away for now. Somehow they were slowly agreeing that discounts most likely would be needed.

The next go round.

Granted, Lucas had been a part of the Department for a number of years now but he didn't know every detail of his new job. He was still undergoing a bit of training from Victoria. "Then we need to make decisions quickly but thoughtfully. There are a lot of pressing issues but we need to prioritise them.''
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