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SPOILER!!: replies and such
Originally Posted by RandomRaven View Post
That looks goood!! I know finding his non-glasses pic is such a pain but I love this except... the size I asked is actually 450x165, if you don't mind to change it a liiiiitle bit? otherwise it looks good. Thank you!
I've fixed them! You'll find them below.

Originally Posted by RachieRu View Post
Ooooh. Your graphics are so preeetty <3 anddd a spacee! I shall fill it <33

What sort of request is this? Siggie Please!
♕ How about dimensions? What size do you want these? Uhh. 450 x 170 please <3
♕ Which pictures do you want in here? Her model is Jade Weber. As she's a firstie if photos used could make her look that age or nearish that would be great <3 (if you do need images let me know!
♕ Text? Do you want any? "Gabriella Diggory. First Year"
♕ Anything else? Do you need options to choose from? Uhh. Im gooood for anything! Soo surprise me!

Im excitedd to see them!!!!
Thank you, sweetie! You've been queued.

Originally Posted by PhoenixRising View Post
Awww ... so red ........ In case there's any doubt what house These are cute!!

Glad you like them. I was struggling a bit with the photo selection.

Originally Posted by Anna Banana View Post
I...*think* there's an open spot?

♕ What sort of request is this? Set, please!
♕ How about dimensions? 450x156 or so for the siggy, and no prefs for the others.
♕ Which pictures do you want in here? here, here, and here
♕ Text? Maddie Kemp
♕ Anything else? prefs? I love your stuff, and THANK YOU!
Indeed there is! You've been queued!

♕ Let me know when you've picked this up.
♕ Or if you need anything changed.
♕ No hotlinking! Please upload to your own image-hosting account.
♕ No peel-giarism! Always credit either me or the shop.

Photos!: graphics!


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