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Originally Posted by The Announcer View Post
As the employee opened the box he would have found all the new brooms sitting very nicely and ready to be inspected. The new line of 2095 brooms were a sharp looking bunch and they were shiny and ready to be used.

Most of them at least, if it wasn't for the box giving a nervous shake no one would have been any wiser, but soon the brooms exploded out of the box and toppled onto the floor, because two at the very bottom had come to life as the light hit the brooms and zoomed out of the box and started to fly around the room.

Lucas was very pleased to see how well and carefully stacked the brooms were in the box. He would have been rather upset if this hadn't been the case because the Department had taken their time in ensuring they put through the orders on time safely. It would have been a shame if that and the other hard work had been received in the form of splintered or cracked brooms.

"Great Scot! I had forgotten just how good looking these are.''
Lucas had seen prototypes before of this model but that had been a while back. Magazines and newspaper photos hadn't even done it justice. He reached out to pluck one from the box. The handle was smooth to his touch and he could feel the slight vibration.

The admiration for the broom was suddenly cut short when the box shook and then without warning, the remainder of the brooms shot right out of it. Lucas was so startled that he dropped the broom he had been holding. It joined the others on the floor. "What-?'' What was even more surprising was when two brooms from the bottom and began zooming around.

The Quidditch Division Manager was now speechless.
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