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Ministry RPG Name:
Leon S. Kennedy
Law Enforcement

Ministry RPG Name:
Cole Patrick Kennedy
Magical Creatures
Snow Miser | Munchy | Molly Hooper | T | Hey, you | Phantom | "I don't wike it" | SING FOR ME | Tristalen

What would you like? A siggy please!
What images do you want me to use? Anything from Here Her model is Anna Christine Speckhart
What would you like it to say? : Lily Stevens, 5th year Slytherin
What size? 450x165 please!
Colours? : She likes pink and green, so those?
Anything else?: Have fun? Haha
For my whole life, we never crossed that line, only friends in my mind.

But now I realize, it was always you. Canít believe I could not see it all this time.
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