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Lucas was inclined to agree with Victoria about a player brining in fans. "It also has to do with other factors not limited to a player's fitness, the way they perform at times. For example, not every player performs at their maximum at every match and if a player has a negative streak for a season, chances are that the fans may loose faith in him or her.'' He nodded a moment later, further agreeing with Victoria. Like players, even a team has their winning or loosing streak.

He leaned forward, resting his right arm on the table before them. He was considering now about the cap and bonuses. "Both you and Victoria bring up excellent points, West.'' His glance went from one to the other. "I'm all for a player cap but the bonuses should be available to each one of the players based on their performance. In my opinion, that would serve as a motivation for them to always want to perform their best.''
The mention of raised ticket prices had him shaking his head. "It wouldn't be fair to those who can't afford tickets. Another idea in addition to West's is that we offer discounts. Lower income families present some sort of proof as to why they need discounts and if applicable they secure it.

"Victoria, how many of these changes are you looking to make within a certain period of time? The ticket price issue might take some time to fine tune.''
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