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His pencil moved feverishly as he jotted down notes, circling key words and underlining things to look up after the meeting. It was all still very new to him and he didn’t want to push his opinion too hard from the get go. He was quite aware that his only experience had been from the players side.

“So, let’s say we make an equal salary cap across the board. Would that allow bonuses to be given to winning teams? Maybe a sort of pool available to be taken from to reward players for a good season. The pool would grow with each win over the season with a limit of a certain amount max bonus per team.” That seemed fair to him. Plus, it wouldn’t hurt their base pay if they had a poor year and it would encourage players to go out for any of the teams, not just the top paying teams.

Then it came to raising ticket prices. Overall, he knew it was needed, but he felt for the less fortunate families. Tickets were already expensive and upping the prices might exclude a large part of the fan-base. “Would there be a way to offer discount tickets for the low income families, at least for a certain number of games? I do feel raising ticket prices would be beneficial overall, but I hate to exclude those that simply can’t afford to purchase tickets for their families.” That might create a nightmare for ticket sales, trying to determine who qualified and who didn’t. “Or, maybe even have a small section of each stadium sectioned off for lottery tickets. Families could come and apply for the ticket lottery. Half price tickets if they are chosen. The money for the discount could come from the increased fines.”

“I am in complete agreement with you on fines needing to be increased.” The thought of some of the illegal moves his own players would make made him cringe. They didn’t care about the small fines, it was a drop in the bucket to them, and they were more than happy to pay them to get a win.

He looked around to see what everyone else thought, especially Victoria. He was used to brainstorming out loud and wasn't sure if that's how they liked to do it on level 7.
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