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So it seemed, for the most part, everyone was settling in nicely and everyone, well almost everyone, was in agreeance to some of the changes. Sigh, players, they always thought of their wallets it seemed. "I agree to an extent with your thoughts about a player that is better should get paid, but the years I have spent here contradicts your theory on one player can bring in the fans. Not every fan will love the same player and if tickets get to a certain price people aren't going to care to come to matches no matter how much they love the players. So much has to be thought about here when it comes to pricing. In the past five years fan attendance to matches has dropped and with that fewer ticket sales some owners in talks of selling teams, which could hurt not help our league." She was worried about that as well, but right now it was player contracts they were concentrating on.

Looking at her paperwork again she jotted a few things down. "I do think a cap needs to be set to the max amount a player can make. Now, do we do that based on teams or just one lump number? As was stated some teams do make more and based on season, standings, and things like that it can change from year to year. A very popular team can fall at any moment depending on the season they have." This was something they really needed to look at. The thing she did have a problem with was the last bit he said, "I do hear you on that, but I don't feel that is fair to players that are very talented but on a less favorable team. Those teams deserve a chance to have good players and those players deserve to get paid just the same as any other player. What do you all think about that?" She wasn't sure she liked it nor did she think teams would like that if they weren't the top liked teams.

"Ticket prices fluctuate for many reasons, I think we are going to have to look at raising prices this year which could push fans, even more, to not come, something I am trying to really avoid going into this season which makes these contract changes even more important." She looked back at her notes again, [b] "Now it's been about nine years since fines raised and I think we might need to raise them by fifteen to twenty percent again. Some players still seem like it is just spare change to pay a fine and is not fixing some of the safety issues that started are fine raise, to begin with. What are your thoughts on that as well?"[/]b
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