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He sat quietly for a bit as the others shared their opinions. He wasn’t sure how he felt about a cap on wages. Sure, it was a game, but the players gave up a lot to travel with teams and they risked injury to please the fans. “An across the board threshold doesn’t feel right to me. The better teams bring in more money, therefore should get paid more. If it weren’t for those outstanding players, the fans wouldn’t pay to watch the games.”

He knew first hand what a star player meant to the fans. “One player could potentially bring in the majority of the fans. Shouldn’t that player be paid a nice bonus for that?” He shook his head. Far too many times he had to fight with an owner to get his players paid for their hard work. Now that he was on the Ministry side, it felt so strange. He had to look at it a completely different way.

A solution? He knew he needed to offer up some sort of solution. “Just brainstorming, but what if there was a maximum percentage of ticket sales for player wages? Then a ticket price cap could be put in place with no more than a specific percentage of those sales going towards player salaries and bonuses. That would allow those teams that are doing well, and getting fans in the seats, to be able to pay their players more. Incentive for the players to do better too.”

He looked around the room and waited to see if they all either thought his idea was good or if he had completely lost his mind. Either one of those was a real possibility and he could roll with it either way.
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